Special Features


Special Features

Mitsubishi Electric offers a variety of sophisticated features to make your elevators even more comfortable, safe and modern. We introduce some of them below. For more information about these and other features, please contact us.

ISafety Door Edge (SDE)
Safety Ray (SR)
Electronic Door Man (EDM)
Multi-Beam Door Sensor
3D Multi-Beam Door Sensor
Ultrasonic Door Sensor (USDS)
Door Load Detector (DLD)

Inter Communication System (ITP)
Secret Call Service (SCS-B)
ITV Camera in Car (ITV)

Car Fan Shut Off - Automatic (CFO-A)
Car Light Shut Off - Automatic (CLO-A)
Energy-Saving Operation - Number of Cars (ESO-N)
Energy-Saving Operation - Power Reduction under Off-Peak (ESO-A)
Energy-Saving Operation - Speed Control (ESO-V)

Overload Holding Stop (OLH)
Car Call Canceling (CCC)
Extended Door-Open Button (DKO-TB)
False Call Canceling - Automatic (FCC-A)
Car Call Erase (FCC-P)
Attendant Service (AS)
Independent Service (IND)
Hospital Emergency Operation (HE-B)

Larger Indicator
Tactile Buttons
Larger Door Open Buttons
Voice Guidance System
Sonic Car Buttons
Glass Windows
Full-height Mirrors
Thicker Handrails